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ULC Fuel Tanks

   ULC fuel tanks are a major division in Fab Tec. Although they have slowed down a bit, the highest peak being  the Alberta oil field boom, they are continuously being shipped out to farmers, mines, and also fuel distributers.  The tanks come in various sizes (500 G & 1000 G being the most popular) and can come in custom sizes for meeting the needs of the customer.  Although not as popular, we also build vertical standing tanks.  Once the size of tank is determined there are three different types of tanks:

  • Single Wall Tank
  • Vacuum Monitor Tank
  • 110 % Containment Tank
   Once the size and the tank variation is decided, you can either choose between a saddle for the tank (meant for putting in place with limited moving) or a saddle with a skid (this allows the tank to be moved around a yard).  All tanks come with a lifting lug for easy moving when moving it into place and leveling.  As well, they come with various sizes of bulkheads and a vent cap.  Some accessories that can be added to the tank are:
  • Multiple tank-pump unit
  • Boliards for skids
  • Fillrite 807 or 901 meter
  • Tank gauge, spring hose reel, different lengths of hose, epoxy paint (compared to standard Urethane Enamel), lockable vent fill cap
  • Fillrite FR700 (57 litres/min)
  • Fillrite FR300 (132 litres/min)
  • FE Petro (submersible, 225 litres/min)
   The tanks are made in an assembly line production.  The lids are cut into circles from the flanger and then placed back in the flanger to have the edges flanged.  The sheets are then rolled into the diamter needed (determined by the size of the tank).  The sheets and lids are then tacked together, and the lifting lug is put in place.  All the holes are marked out for the bulkheads and it is sent down the line to the welders.  The welders then weld all the seams on the tank using hydraulic rollers, cut out the bottom bulkhead for the drain and weld it in place.  The tank is then pressure tested with air to test for leaks on the tank, if any are found they are sent back and repaired and retested to ensure a proper seal is on the tank.  Once the tank has passed the pressure test it gets the remaining bulkheads put into the top of the tank and the saddles (legs) put on it and is ready for paint.  We are always looking for new customers and new jobs to do so don't hesitate to call us for a quote & check the image gallery for more images of ULC Certified Tanks and other work we do!


'1000 Gal tank shown with saddle and fillrite FR700'


'Welding booths set up for welding tanks'

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