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Agriculture Accessories

   Fab Tec has been in the agriculture business since day 1.  Although the agriculture sector has slowed down some, causing us to focus primarily on other fields, we still do agriculture accessories.  Fab Tec still makes drop tubes(dealer only), hitches, NH3 valve guards (dealer only), NH3 guards (dealer only) and our always popular Remote Controlled Flex Spout (U.S. Patent, Canadian Patent applied for).
   Fab Tec sells these products to not only local farmers but to dealers to distribute out to the public.  The Remote Controlled Flex Spout being the most popular because of it's versatility.  The Remote Controlled Flex Spout gives you 360 degrees control of the discharge spout at the end of you auger from ground level.  With the Remote Controlled Flex Spout you can fill a truck box without moving or climbing into your truck.  No more 'too far to one side' when filling.  It is also a big help when filling quonsets and rail cars.  Fits onto virtually any auger or conveyor.  We are always looking for new customers and new jobs to do so don't hesitate to call us for a quote & check the image gallery for more images of agriculture images and other work we do!


'360 degrees of control over your spout'


'(A) In addition to reaching the corners it also lets you control the flow of grain into your bins.  this means you won't be moving the auger as much.  (B) An adjustable cam-lock secures the spout in any position.  (C) With nylon guides the Remote Controlled Flex Spout is easy to position and it is built to last.'

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